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At Ease Man, our expert team spans Hong Kong and UK, offering an extensive services covering high-quality properties across the United Kingdom. We provide virtual video tours for our Hong Kong clients, enabling them to remotely explore prospective properties. Our all-inclusive services encompass property rentals and purchases, handling everything from negotiating with local landlords to managing the entire property acquisition process and facilitating your move-in. Additionally, we provide comprehensive property insights, analyzing all aspects of information from property pricing, amenities, security, and school networks to ensure we gather all the essential information for you. Trust Ease Man as your one-stop property consultant for all your UK real estate needs.


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From exterior to interior, all locations will be toured by our professional team

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We provide property viewing reports for every property with detailed scoring in all aspects, allowing you to get a comprehensive understanding of the property condition even though you’re not in the UK.


Q1: Which type of UK property is more suitable for novice investors?

A1: First, you have to understand the common types of properties in the UK, which include Detached House, Semi-Detached House, Terraced House, Bungalow and Flats. Easeman suggests novice UK property investors consider terraced or semi-detached houses, as they have higher trading volumes in the market and are currently the most advantageous for investment.

Q2: Which region of the UK has better investment advantages for properties?

A2: Easeman suggests you should do more research to learn about the basic information of the region, including population growth, age distribution, crime rates and infrastructure etc., before making a judgment on its investment value.

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Q3: Can Hongkongers use their income in Hong Kong to apply for a mortgage in the UK?

A3: Yes. However, important factors such as income, stress testing and mortgage type will be considered. Easeman suggests you should consult a reputable agent for detailed advice, because even if you are successful in securing a mortgage, you may not be getting the best interest rate. Therefore, it is better for you to find an experienced agent to handle the mortgage application.

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Q4: Are there any important things to be aware of when purchasing a property in the UK?

A4: There are many tricky parts when it comes to purchasing a property in the UK. One misstep could lead to difficulties in obtaining a mortgage, or renting or selling the property. For instance, the property’s surrounding may be at stake of flooding, or the leasehold may have a short remaining term, which can affect the mortgage amount.

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Q5: How can I avoid “bad tenants”?

A5: As newcomers to the UK, Hongkongers may not be familiar with the local rental procedures or common difficulties. Easeman suggests you find a reputable, experienced UK property management company. They can certainly help you avoid bad tenants. Generally, they will look for tenants with stable income and occupation, such as teachers or civil servants. They will also investigate if there are any negative records in the past history of the tenants.

Q6: How can I find a suitable school district for children in the UK?

A6: Easeman recommends you a website called the Good Schools Guide, which shares comprehensive UK school information. You can first search for your desired school district, and then go to the official website of the school that you are interested in. You can also do more research, analyzing feedback from the locals about the school.

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Q7: What if my English conversation skills are not good?

A7: Currently there are many lawyers in the UK who can speak Cantonese, as well as agents who have immigrated from Hong Kong for many years. Therefore, there is no worry about language barriers when purchasing a property in the UK.